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Crochet Freeform Scrumble

In this freeform crochet tutorial we are showing you how to make beautiful freeform scrumble or freeform flower. Working on this project we do not follow any pattern we are creating something new with every next stitch. Begin the work with crochet button that is shown in Series Crochet Elements and Projects Tutorial 7 and continue improvisation with us following this tutorial. Many crochet techniques are used to create this beauty such as: 5-double crochet popcorn stitches, chain spaces, ruches, puff stitches, bullion block stitches etc. Feel free to add something new to your project and make it unique and more beautiful. All the best and thanks for watching!
To make this freeform scrumble you need: Yarn 60% Acrylic, 40% Mohair, Light Fingering / 3 ply, 519 meters/100 grams; Steel Crochet Hook 2mm, 2,5mm or 3mm.
Freeform crochet is a method of creating a piece of fabric by using a variety of stitches, textures and colors. It’s called “freeform” because you typically don’t use pattern instructions to create the fabric. You are on you imagination. You can choose and combine materials based on your taste and style. In your work you are free to use any ready made peaces like ribbons, lace, cords… pieces or elements of fabric, leather or fur. To achieve special effects you can embellishment your design with beads, buttons or some other things.


The main characteristics of fabric made in freeform technique are its volumetric design, out of shape style and amazing texture.
In Freeform you begin the work creating one of the elements using any techniques you want: crochet bullion block stitches, puff stitches, popcorns, crochet spirals, bubble stitches, ruches and many others. You start crocheting with one yarn, color, and stitch pattern and then change yarn, color, and stitch pattern as often as you like, building on what you’ve already created.

When you are ready with you piece which is called freeform crochet scrumble you can join some elements or freeform scrumbles together to create a real piece of art. The incredible beauty of the fabric that results from applying freeform crochet technique won’t leave you indifferent.

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