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Amazing distinct flower on fire

In this Love Letters series, shutterbug Jiang Zhi composes enthusiastic and astonishing visual stories of adoration that are reminiscent of a previous period. Using alcohol as a blazing specialist, Zhi sets various sorts of blooms and blossoms ablaze and photos them as they smolder. He catches the snippets of life that establish both from the blossoms and the vivacious blazes of the fire. Each image limitations in on only one type of blossom, a singular stem, or now and then a whole tree trunk. He picks the magnificence of blossoms like white orchids, red lilies, and magnificent yellow sunflowers, and finds them versus an exceptionally basic foundation and as the blazes touch off and shine around every bud, Zhi photos the treatment.

So have a look at flower on fire you always needed.


via [Pulmonaire]
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