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Amazing perfect donkey zebra

Cross-breeding various animals often produces the most admirable and lovable outcomes. In Italy, a cross-breed operation between a male zebra and female donkey produced a healthy pregnancy a couple of months earlier, and eventually , a rare breed called a Zonkey was born.

The animal was named Ippo, and brings characteristics from both moms and dads, for example her body resembles that of a donkey, however has the stripes of the zebra on her stubborn belly in addition to legs! Tests have actually proven that she can lead a normal and active life. However , it is stil unknown whether she can recreate healthy offspring.

So start searching for zebra crossed with donkey you always needed.


Photo credit: Firenze la Repubblica
via [Like Cool, Laughing Squid]

If you’re finding for donkey in Italy, you have come on the amazing blog post.

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