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Crochet a Baby Blanket Using a Shell Stitch

Hello friends, how are things? I hope you well. So … after a while without posting new material had inspiration to resume the work, so here we go!

I’m sorry to have gone, but now with full force to teach and inspire you love and work with crochet.

The other day I was talking with a friend about blankets, and that’s when I started looking for one that is beyond beautiful, easy to do, and so, bring you a pattern easy and with simoles instructions for doing a wonderful job. I found this on YouTube and decided to make an article for him, because I’d like to see lots of pictures of you with the blanket ready. So enjoy and don’t forget to share the photos of work (ready or in process) on our pages and groups.


Learn how to crochet with us.

Looking for more pattens? I would like to spend more time with you! Continue accessing our site and find the wonderful free crochet patterns. Love yarns and crafts, we have a lot of work to do and learn.

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