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Blanket Crochet Flowers

Step By Step Blanket, Best Work Of Crochet – Video Tutorial

A beautiful day won a blanket of flowers to crochet wonderful! I was very very happy and since then I really wanted to do the same. I couldn’t, however, I found this which is as beautiful as what I got. Couldn’t keep to myself this idea, so I will share with all of you friends.

These are the flowers that you are going to do, followed by the diagram below:

Will join using this scheme:


Not long now … Let’s join the flowers until the desired size.

I’m sure all the people who do crochet have or are making a blanket. It’s like the identity of us crocheters. I love this kind of work, and I love flowers, for this reason I decided to join business with pleasure! Just couldn’t keep a secret and I’m sharing with you this beautiful pattern and a video tutorial for those who have difficulty with diagrams.

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