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Free Christmas Crochet Patterns You Will Love

We have found some fabulous Christmas Crochet ideas that we know you are going to love. Scroll our page for lots of inspiration.

We’ve put together a number of gorgeous Christmas Projects for you including these lovely Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments.

You’ll find a cute Santa Pants Crochet Cutlery Holder, table runners and lots of hats and ornaments. Scroll our post to view all the beautiful ideas and be sure to Pin your favorites.

Nativity Scene Free Crochet Pattern

Worsted weight yarn in a variety of colors, Blogger used Red Heart Super Saver in Buff for the skin color, and several different colors and brands for the clothing
white, textured, bulky yarn for the sheep, Blogger used Red Heart Baby Clouds
G crochet hook
1/4″ dowel (for the star) Blogger used a long dowel and cut it to about 13″ but these 12″ dowels would also work
3″ x 5″ plaque (for the star)
Drill with 1/4″ bit (for the star)
yarn needle
fabric scraps at least 6″ square for each person
weighted stuffing beads
fiberfill stuffing
sewing thread
sewing needle

How special is this crocheted Nativity Setting, it will make a beautiful centerpiece for your celebrations and a treasured gift.


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