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Crochet Chamomile Flowers – Pattern & Video Tutorial

Crochet Chamomile Flowers – Pattern & Video Tutorial

Today, while I was working, I had this amazing idea of a beautiful cover to make your chair nicer or just to add a beautiful christmas flower to decor you home.

You will see how to crochet this wonderful flower.When I was finished I saw a beautiful cover with all the rainbow colors, but it’s not neccessary for you to use the same combination of colors. The possibilities are infinite especially if you have a big quantity of yarn.


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This video is made by Margarita Urbanowicz and explain you in minimal detail how to make it


– Nr.2 Hook Crochet Hook
– Garden Yarn in yellow, white, green colors


CN – Chain
Sl-st – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet


1. Crochet CN 10, to form the circle where I will going to work. Use the yellow yarn.
2. Crochet SC until your create a sphere form. Turn it and join the working yarns with each other.

3. Start with the white yarn. Crochet CN15.

4. Crochet a row with SC, join it to make it double and join the working yarns. Make 10 like this.

5. After you finish all the 10 parts above, join them together to create the full flower.

6. Start with the green yarn. Crochet CN 5 and join them with each other.

7. Crochet a row with SC.

Now you have made one flower. You can make as many flowers as you want the cover size. Good luck.
Hope you like it. Please comment here if you have any question!

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