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Crochet Pompom Stitch Pattern Tutorial

Crochet Pompom Stitch Pattern Tutorial

There are a great number of pompom stitch patterns and most all them are gorgeous. The simplicity of its pattern make this stitch design even more unique.


This crochet pompom stitch pattern is super cute and kind of retro. The pompom stitch really makes a difference in every design and there are a variety of really nice crochet projects you can make using this stitch.

It’s an easy pattern that is worked using single crochet stitches with bulky weight yarn.

Make a crochet gift to your family or friends using the pompom stitch. This stitch is best for dresses and baby blankets or even home decorations motifs. I prefer using a light yarn color for this pattern.

Homemade crochet afghans are often treasured for years to come and sometimes even passed down to future generations.

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