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Puff Stitch Doily Crochet Tutorial

Puff Stitch Doily Crochet Tutorial

This two color doily crochet pattern is another lovely tutorial made with the puff stitch. I discovered this puff stitch doily recently, thinking that it is a waste not to share this beautiful pattern with you.

Crochet doilies can be made by beginners and professional and they are basically crochet rounds, but can change in other shapes. Despite of its decorative purpose for home, dinning, bedding and rugs, they are changing now and gradually used in crochet dresses and bags.

The puff stitches design in this doily crochet pattern, gives the doily a more lovely texture look.


This crochet doily is well adaptive, you can change the design of the puff stitches or you can also replace it other similar stitches, like bobble and popcorn stitch. Using the white and the rose yarn color, is another way to make the puff stitch doily unique.

Love the look that the puff stitch doily gave, it simply brightens up the any part of home you put it. Follow carefully the tutorial, it will made it easy for you to make this design.

Enjoy it and comment below if you have any question!

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