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Tulip Stitch Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Tulip Stitch Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Flower stitch is one of the most vast and interesting stitch in the crochet world. And, if you are seeking for new flower stitches for your future projects, here is the tulip stitch.

If you don’t know how to make the tulip stitch yet, this is the perfect crochet pattern and tutorial for you. This stitch can be used in a variety of projects, such as dresses, summer projects, scarves, blankets or even afghans.

The crochet tulip stitch is guaranteed to make any crochet item more delicate and feminine. And the free crochet pattern will make it easy to learn


We have shared many flower patterns previously, but this crochet tulip stitch is very unique. Try some small projects as coasters to get hang of this stitch and you may create your own version of this pattern.

Check out the free crochet pattern and the video, that provides you every detail to crochet your own tulip stitch. They are not as hard as they may seem to be.

Enjoy this tutorial and comment below if you have any question!

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