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Free Pattern Geometric cushion

Free Pattern Geometric cushion

The crochet pads are a sensational craft, and when well done and well placed can reshape an environment.

Another positive point of using this pad style in your home is the ability to highlight decorating objects that are already in the environment, such as the couch for example, or even some table that is in place.

But remember to harmonize the colours of the crochet pads with the decoration that is already present in the environment, and remembering that we are not exactly talking about matching colors, because the contrast between colors can be the right choice at the time of combining.


The most famous models are the ones that have the most colours, as they follow this rule of contrast. So let’s show some gorgeous models for you to try at your house.

Crochet Pads – see these tips on our blog to make the cushion more beautiful of your life.

Check below some templates with lots of photos and download the pattern by clicking on the link so you can make your beautiful cushion with this pattern and step by step with super easy graph for you to make in your home.

The string to crochet on the pad is a great material, in which you will be able to adorn various different formats.

Look at these beautiful flowers that you can use the string to manufacture. Also above, in the most varied colours to combine with your current decoration.

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