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Certainly a beautiful scarf of crochet

Certainly a beautiful scarf of crochet

The next station is loved by some and hated by others, but it has its charms like all other seasons and crochet scarf makes you very elegant. For us, crafts and crochet lovers, resulting in loose and toasty warm rolls ideas are emerging every day. For today’s crochet tutorial the first idea that emerged was to involve the neck with an easy and super fast crochet scarf. It was used only a basic point and a point to finish. The beauty of this piece of crochêé due to the choice of a wool or textured and merged. This facility we have at our disposal more elaborate wires, gives us a chance to run faster crochet work with style, charm and elegance.


This beautiful crochet scarf yarn begins with a triangle and knits expanding lines of right and wrong loops. If you prefer to block the shawl, the result will be smooth and space. Bind as you have enough patience, or until it is exhausted all available wireless!
width 180 cm, height 44 cm
You will need:
150 g Rohrspatz & Wollmeise ‘mixture’ (70% wool, cashmere 20%, 10% polyamide, 500 m / 150 g) of “Mont Blanc” color.
circular needle 4 mm, length 80 cm
pin block
The knitting density (league): 17 stitches = 10 cm (after wet blocking)
Skills needed:
typing loop, knit and purl facial ties, gain, right and wrong ubavki, closing the loop.

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