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Pom Pom Edging Crochet Tutorial

Pom Pom Edging Crochet Tutorial

I was making a granny square blanket, but it didn’t looked really completed. So, I came across this cute pom pom crochet edging and I thought it would be perfect for my blanket pattern.

The choice of the edging crochet can make the difference to your design. Most projects are beautiful themselves without edging. But, choosing an appropriate finishing stitch can change completely the look of your project!


You will find simple to understand how to make this crochet edging and you can customize it for a more stylish and extravagant crochet edging.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect crochet edging pattern, you’ll love this pom pom edging. Put them to any project, from simple granny squares to blankets or scarves of all sizes.

In the tutorial is shown the same pattern design as in the photo, but with different yarn colors. For the edges, you can choose the yarn color that fits your crochet project. It will look beautiful anyway.

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