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Houndstooth Crochet pattern

Houndstooth Crochet pattern…………………..

Ok, so I’m a little in love with this Houndstooth crochet pattern. The pattern is so effective and best of all, it’s SO easy to make! I have done a video tutorial on YouTube which you can find at the bottom of the post, but here is the pattern if you prefer to follow a written version. Of course, the traditional Houndstooth pattern is black and White, but it might be fun to change up the colours, or even add a bright colour to the edges?

Hook: 5.5mm
Stitches used:
ch= Chain
dc= Double crochet
tr= Tr crochet
To change colours, start your tr crochet as normal. When you are about to pull through your last 2 loops on the hook, drop your working colour and draw through the new colour. You will be carrying over the old colour by laying it along the top of the work.


You can obviously make this in any length and width you like. For my project, I chained 30 (plus 1) and did 72 rows.
Foundation: To begin, chain in multiples of 2, plus 1 for turning.

Row one: dc into 2nd chain from the hook, tr into next stitch. Alternate between a dc and a tr until the end of the chain. You will finish on a tr (do not complete the stitch as you will be changing colours- see instructions above) chain 2 and turn.

Repeat row one until you get to your desired size.

CROCHET: Houndstooth Cowl

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