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Flower Puff Stitch Crochet Free Pattern

Flower Puff Stitch Crochet Free Pattern………………………..

I love the puff stitch technique because, using it, I have made the most adorable crochet projects. This is the flower puff stitch and it will be very useful in your future works.

The crochet pattern of the flower puff stitch is different from other crochet stitches because it is created of many loops that connect at the top and bottom of the stitch. The connected loops are what gives the puff stitch its special look. The more loops you add, the puffier it will get.


The pattern is really easy and you can use this beautiful stitch for flowers, hats, and blankets. You just follow the instructions and you will learn quickly an other crochet stitch technique.

Please, comment below if you have any question! Have fun and enjoy.

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