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Beautiful Crochet Flowers Pattern Tutorial

Beautiful Crochet Flowers Pattern Tutorial………………….

Hello my dear friends. To decorate my home and to make a gift for the year-end holidays, I decided to create many colorful crocheted flowers.

So, I found this amazing video tutorial made by tallermanualperu and I’m happy to share with you its beautiful pattern. I will explain to you in minimal detail how to make this artwork.

– 3mm Hook Crochet Hook
– NR.30 yarn ( Nazli Gelin NG Garden 30 Yarn ) in different colors.


CN – Chain
Sl-st – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
ST – Stitch

1. Make 4 CN and form the circle where you’re going to work.
2. Fill this circle 2 times with SC and close it with the yellow yarn.
3. Start with the white yarn. Do CN 15 and make the arch like in the video.
4. Do 15 arches like this.
5. In each arch do 2 CN with Sl-st and close the finish the work with white yarn.
6. Start again with the yellow yarn and ,in the part we used the yellow yarn, make arches with CN 6 in the whole circle.
7. Finish with yellow yarn and start with the white one. Do only half of the arch and you finished crocheting.
8. The last thing you need to do is to attach the arches with each other with the glue.

Now you have made an amazing margarita flower, like a fresh flower.

Hope you like it. Please comment here if you have any question!

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