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Crochet Women Slippers Free Pattern

Crochet Women Slippers Free Pattern……………………………..

A while ago I shared a simple free pattern of crochet Slippers or Booties, but I was looking for some colorful and fancy crochet slippers for women!

I wanted to create a free crochet pattern for the cutest, coziest, and warmest slippers for women, teens and kids, so you can easily make it.

I created this amazing colorful flower crochet slippers, that are not only beautiful, but also easy to make. The video tutorial is made by Made With Love By Glama and I wrote the free crochet slippers pattern of it!

This crochet slippers have a beautiful crochet flower on them. So the pattern is divided in 2 parts: “Crochet Slippers Pattern” and “Crochet Flower Pattern”

You can find easily on amazon the best yarn for slippers and the hooks used to make this crochet artwork.


– 3mm Hook Crochet Hook
– NR.30 yarn ( Nazli Gelin NG Garden 30 Yarn ) in different colors.

CN – Chain
Sl-st – Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
ST – Stitch

Crochet Slippers Pattern:

#1 Use the gray yarn and form the circle where you’re going to work. Stitch Sl-st 2 and SC 9, closing the loops immediately. Continue with this process until you get the right size, as shown in the video.
#2 Reverse it and with a needle adjust the top part of the slippers.
#3 Leaving 6 middle loops without stitching, start stitching the other loops until you get the preferred size.
#4 Sew the back part of the slippers.
#5 Using the pink yarn, stitch a row with SC, closing the loops immediately.

You have finished the crochet slippers. Now we will start making the crochet flower.

Crochet Flower Pattern:
#1 Use the pink yarn. Stitch CN 6 and form the circle where you’re going to work.
#2 Stitch 2 squares with CN 2
#3 In one of the squares, stitch Sl-st 1, SC 2, CN 1, Sl-st 1, CN 1. After making 5 squares, reverse the work.
#4 Stitch 8 squares with CN 3 and SC 1.
#5 In one of the squares, stitch Sl-st 1, CN 1, SC 3, Sl-st 1, CN 1.
#6 Sew the crochet flower on the slipper you created before.

Now you have finished making these amazing crochet flower slippers, using this easy and simple free pattern.
Hope you like it. Please comment here if you have any question!

Source : Made With Love By Glama

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