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Strawberry Stitch Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Strawberry Stitch Crochet Pattern Tutorial…………………….

Continuing the marathon of free stitch crochet patterns, today I want to show you the most pretty stitch technique. It’s called the strawberry stitch and I’m sure that you’ll love it!

This strawberry stitch crochet pattern will be your favorite and you will use it everywhere! I do love the puff stitch because is so easy to make and you can add it in every custom project just the way you like.


Everyone who’s a beginner with crocheting should be able to do it using this tutorial and crochet pattern.

The strawberry stitch creates an adorable look and makes any project more appealing to the eye. It looks great in most any crochet project and looks even more amazing when used to make a blanket, decorations, granny squares or even crochet bags!

As you can see the from this tutorial, this pattern is pretty simple. You probably can quickly learn if you follow the pattern and video tutorials carefully.

Please, comment below if you have any question!
Strawberry stitch crochet pattern tutorial 1:

Strawberry stitch crochet pattern tutorial 2:

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