Snow white broomstick lace scarf pattern

Here are some helps for you to make a scarf just as what I have made. You may additionally want to Google you tube videos for “broomstick lace” if you are new to the lace. It is not hard at all. I do not have any of my own work video recorded, as recording with my iPhone and balancing the knitting needle is a little challenging. Please search on my blog for “broomstick” and have a look at all what I have made. This makes an airy breezy and delicate scarf to suit any occasion. You may want to make it as broad as you want for a broader shawl, and or as narrow for a bracelet, but the methodology is the same. Outcomes can be altered by altering the width of the loops varying the size of the knitting needle and the total number of multiples of 5 for as broad or narrow as required.

Materials needed for this scarf:
1. Knitting needle or a scale (a foot ruler) If you do not have a foot ruler please use a old paint stirrer that is usually thrown away. Sand it a bit to make the loops. Remember that the scale has to be longer than the breadth of the scarf that you would want.
2. One skein of any yarn.
3. Crochet hook 5.50mm

Stitches used: Single crochet: sc and dc- double crochet and broomstick lace loops cast on to the knitting needle or scale or piece of long wooden dowel or piece of wood, slip stitch.

Time taken evening

Complexity: Intermediate



1. chain 25 (we will be grouping 5 loops together) for a narrow scarf please make only 20 chains.
2. ch 3 to count as one dc (if this 3 chain is longer than your dc you can use 2 chains)
3. turn, dc into fourth from hook, dc into all chains, you will have to get 25 dcs.
4. From now on you will not turn, and be working on the same side left to right and right to left until the last ending row. (like a similar motion scale on the pianoforte keyboard) Draw loops now through each chain, working left to right and cast each loop thus drawn onto a knitting needle or any tool that I have mentioned, which acts to hold the loops. Cast the loop on as soon as you draw it through each chain. Hold your work fairly firm and tight to get a neat finish. After having drawn loops through all the chains you will reach the right end with the right side facing you.
5. *Gather the first 5 loops by slipping them off the needle (or scale) and chain one, into this group of five loops. Work 5 sc into this space
6. gather the next 5 loops and sc 5 into them.
7. work 5 scs into the next 3 groups, in a similar way. You will have 25 scs.
8. You will not turn, working with the same side facing and left to right draw 25 loops through all these 25 scs, on to your knitting needle, and repeat from * until you have 43 rows, ending with a sc row.
9. Work 3 chains, to count as one dc, turn and work dcs into all the scs. you will have 25 dcs.
10. Fringe stage..the options are to use tassels or what I have used here..**chain 10, into the third chain from hook work 3 dcs, chain 3 and slip stitch into the third chain to close the round, continue with 7 chain.
11. Skip one dc and slip stitch into the next stitch, and repeat from ** till you have finished creating these little fringes for all the 25 dcs. Fasten off.
12. Rejoin the yarn at the base of the first row and work a fringe here. Fasten off and weave in the edges.

Scarf is ready!!!! Enjoy!!
(a smooth handle of a broomstick is ideal too, and that’s how the name originated. Friends, this was the first stitch I learnt to do as a 12 year old!!). Do write to me at in case you have any difficulties. And do share your pictures too if you would like to.

This is the picture of the scarf the rolled portion is the reverse of the scarf.

(for a hairpin broomstick lace shawl pattern click here )